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Mood Board Inspiration: Midnight Blue & Stone

Otherwise known as… My new bedroom plans!


Out of all of my mood boards, I think this is the one I am most excited about! Having moved in just under two weeks ago, I have already bought quite a few bits so it may not be too long until I can share at least the beginnings of my second bedroom project within the year. Ok, actually ‘excited’ doesn’t even come close.


Over the last six months or so, I have been saving quite a few inspirational Instagram or Pinterest bedroom posts which have a Scandinavian or ‘Hygge’ influence, but with a modern or contemporary twist. Luckily this has been a theme for quite a while now, so I can be reassured that it’s not just the change of the season that has me suddenly longing for the most cosy textures, warm yet muted tones, relaxed design & lighting that gives off the perfect glow. It would seem I have been picturing this bedroom just like that since Spring time!


A key part of the scheme is my brick tile wall which has already been installed, and boy doesn’t it look fabulous! I opted for tiles in the end as, although brick slips look brilliant in all the projects I have been on & off stalking for the last few months, they do require quite a bit more expertise to install, whereas these were just a day’s work for our lovely tiler (*who may I add, has a great deal of expertise! It just meant we didn’t need a bricklayer to point them etc etc!).

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have been a pretty big fan of exposed brick walls for a very long time now! So although there were quite a few concerns about putting this into a bedroom scheme, I am so pleased with how it’s come together and cannot wait to get the furniture in to just soften it up and complete the look. The bedroom is actually in the eaves of the house so I had the idea (*or used it as the perfect excuse to have my dream brick wall…) because I thought it would be a nice touch to create a ‘loft style’ space.

A few of my many inspiration images…

Bedroom 8

Bedroom 5

Bedroom 7

Bedrrom 1

*all images from Pinterest


I am very slowly understanding that my interior style is a definite mix of traditional features, industrial or modern design using natural, raw, soft & cosy materials, with a hint of Scandi thrown in for good measure. So when anyone asks me to describe my style, you can understand why I struggle a bit! But apart from being over the moon with how this scheme is coming together and super excited to actually move in and make it feel all homely, I am also hoping that this space is going to be totally ‘my style’ and then if anyone asks, I’ll just show them a photo! That’s the plan anyway.


But for now, thank you so much for reading. I hope you have a fantastic day! Next up, the big reveal ♥

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