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Mood Board Inspiration: Navy & Fuchsia

A very good afternoon to you dear friends!

This week I have been checking out loads of Instagram accounts featuring darker, moodier interiors with bright pops of colour here & there – and I’ve been absolutely LOVING it! If you’d have told me this time last year how much I’d be into the more daring, colourful & bold schemes I’d have thought you a little mad. Hey, I still adore bright, light & airy rooms just as much, but I definitely have a new found appreciation for deeper, richer tones, with an injection of the unexpected, usually a hit of neon or primary colour.

Is it due to the change in weather that I’m looking at these darker colours (*side note – who else is stupidly excited about getting their winter coats, scarves & boots out? I love Autumn fashion!)? Perhaps it’s the fabulous Interior Design online community that I’m venturing into a bit more that’s expanding my horizons and introducing me to so many creative ideas to try out one day?

Maybe it’s all of the above. But whatever it is, I’m certainly not complaining! Now I just need a few houses to decorate so I can start experimenting!! *A girl can dream…

Anyway, onto this week’s mood board. For this one, I’m picturing a narrow entrance hall in a London-based Victorian townhouse. Something with a bit of an impact, y’know? Bit of a ‘wow’ moment when you walk through the door…

So just imagine dark blue walls, a black console table and metal work, a white washed tiled floor, and a bright neon sign on the wall saying “Good Vibes Only” or something witty like “We Should Hang Something Cool Here” (pinched from Pinterest because I could never think of something remotely as funny…)


These gorgeous tones of pink, deep coral and the pastel blue can easily be brought in through fresh flowers, a rug, artwork, cushions, hanging coats or hats on some industrial hooks or a pair of wellies or umbrella by the front door. And wait a second, we’re in London so why not have a coordinating road bike hung up on the wall? Practical yet conventiently part of the decor! (And there’s a bike in the concept after all…)

I am feeling a Shop This Look coming on for this one – something a bit different for me! I think it’d be really fun to source some wacky products to suit this scheme! But for now, thank you so much for reading. Have a fabulous weekend! 

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