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Mood Board Inspiration: Lime & Denim

I must say, I have really enjoyed creating these mood boards over the last few weeks and I’m already looking forward to the next few I have coming up too! My idea was to pull together a scheme which may not be particularly obvious or necessarily ‘on trend’, but sometimes I find seeing them as a whole like this can evoke a certain feeling that you may be looking to achieve or perhaps just expand your horizon if you would like to bring some colour into your home and are not sure where to start.

This week I have been helping a friend who is currently renovating his London apartment, and would like to use green in the main living area. He is being drawn to the softer hues of sage, lime and apple but struggling to visualise how he can incorporate this into his design, and also how all the materials & tones will work together.

As he is hoping to create quite a contemporary look within a Victorian property, we have been talking about how using a typically period colour could work brilliantly against more modern furniture and finishes. Alternatively, softening a more contemporary colour choice with warmer neutrals could also compliment the traditional features of the space. I think it is important to be empathetic to a building’s heritage (as you may have noticed from both of my Ticked All The Boxes picks so far!) but mixing in contemporary touches to give a more unique, up to date look.

As soon as I started putting this one together, I instantly knew I wanted a fresh, lively hit of lime against a contrasting moody, deep military blue-grey that can flow nicely from a crisp, invigorating kitchen area through to a relaxing, comforting dining and/or seating area. I think using green in a kitchen is always a good idea as it combines the cheerfulness of yellow (which interestingly is also thought to increase metabolism, handy in a foodie-zone) with the refreshing quality of blue. Green also has a calming effect (which is surely never a bad idea); it is widely considered the most restful colour for the eye and is believed to relieve stress by helping people relax. With its links to nature, I find green extremely comforting and homely, particularly a warm leafy hue, as I’ve used in these concept images.

Combining a lime accent colour with a deeper blue-grey neutral, definitely creates a sense of balance for me. Blue is often thought to lower blood pressure and slow respiration which is why it is considered so calming and serene. That said, many shades of blue can come across as chilly and unwelcoming, even evoking feelings of sadness at times, so it is important to introduce warmer hues, which I think the green does perfectly. The denim tones also ground the scheme and give a lot more flexibility for using each colour in this palette. Items such as worktops, wall decor, shelving, upholstered seating or blinds could all be in a shade of this slate-blue-grey, while the fun lime accents can be introduced in soft furnishings, kitchen accessories, house plants or herbs and artwork.

Personally, I would also use quite a lot of natural wood in this ‘hypothetical room’ to bring in another element of warmth, and most definitely want to maximise daylight as well as creating a very cosy, lighting plan for evenings too. And as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, for darker or brighter schemes it is always a good idea to include white space to give some light relief, so the white flowers and the bowl on the right, are not to be forgotten – they also play an important role in tying the whole scheme together.

Now, the friend in question may well decide to go for something completely different in the end, but maybe in a year’s time we can revisit this post and see how it all turned out!

I hope you’re having a terrific week. Until next time…  ♥

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