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Bedroom Update Room Reveal

So as promised, here is Part 2 of my Bedroom Project! In addition to the much anticipated ‘after shots’ (*I jest!), I’ll let you into where I sourced everything, my favourite bits of the finished article and most importantly, what I learnt from it all…

Feel free to refer back to Part 1 for a reminder of how the room looked to begin with. Essentially a teen haven of lilac & lime, single bed, lots of stuff on show despite tonnes of fitted furniture – it was time for a refresh!

As a recap, this was my concept:

So first things first, I got some samples of the sorts of colours, textures and patterns I was looking for and started playing about with how it could all work together…

I began narrowing it down as to which fabrics worked best together, and what I would like to use where but also thinking about which items I wanted to spend a bit more money on and opt for real handmade quality.

The Clarke & Clarke Kindu in Fuchsia (bottom left) instantly stood out. It’s a very soft fabric, which is always a no.1 priority for me. I thought this would make a great choice for my curtains, having a good weight and blend of cotton, linen, viscose and polyester, and of course with that essential black out lining (*sleep is also high on the priority list).

I had actually found an adorable chair on eBay for a bargain £40 that needed a bit of tlc and knew this Warwick Mardi Gras in Gala Peony would be absolutely perfect to create a real statement piece. Paired with a fabulous pop of Scion Plains One in Cerise, I was totally chuffed with how it turned out.

With these two items being my ‘big spends’, I was keen to keep costs down with some of the other accessories and furniture choices. So without further ado, a short list of where everything came from… Thank goodness for the Great British high street!

  1. Ikea Hemnes Chest of 8 Drawers £200
  2. Next Gold Bedside Lamps £45 (linked similar)
  3. Liv’s Reclaimed Wooden Mirror POA
  4. Next Westcott Storage Double Bed (linked similar)
  5. John Lewis Distressed Velvet Cushions in Clementine £45
  6. Ikea Hemnes Bedside Table £49
  7. Wayfair Wire Mirror by Brayden Studio £163.99
  8. Ikea Mosslanda Picture Ledge £8.95
  9. Zara Ikat Blanket (linked similar)
  10. Dulux White Chiffon Paint
  11. Homebase
  12. White Floating Shelves £2.98

I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to switch out the drawer handles on my Hemnes chest, but thought I’d try spray painting them gold as a little experiment. After all, if they turned out dreadfully I could always go back to Plan A and buy some replacements! So I got a metallic gold spray paint from B&Q and hoped for the best! A punctured shoe box lid and lots of fresh air later, and I was one happy customer! It totally transforms the look of the chest of drawers!

So that’s pretty much everything covered off… I might do a follow up post about some of the alternatives for each aspect of the room, such as considering a central ceiling pendant for some time before deciding to get downlights installed instead. Definitely the right choice. I could also do a mini haul for some of the styling accessories dotted around the room, if that would be of interest?

Some of the main pointers I will be taking away from this project include:

  • Planning storage carefully is essential. I knew this would be a challenge in this space, as I wanted minimal clutter on display so I needed areas where I could tidy things away. Finding this bed from Next was a pivotal moment, it’s so easy to lift up and honestly, I can store so much under there!
  • Ikea hacks are somewhat under-rated. In my next project I am definitely going to be more adventurous – this was only a baby step with updating the handles. I already have my eye on a few more *slightly more* advanced upcycling ideas to tackle. This is also the beauty of not going high end (even though some pieces are hard to resist!), it just means you can put your own stamp on it and hey, a little weekend project is so much fun! Same goes for finding my chair on eBay and reupholstering it, I will be on the hunt for another bargain find like this in the not so distant future.
  • I was so pleased I invested a bit more in my carpet and curtains. These immediately create a more luxurious, high quality feel in the room, and as I said in my previous post, the feeling of walking onto soft, fluffy clouds after a hard day is something I never take for granted. My only tip is always, always make sure you do any radiator checks or changes BEFORE you get your beautiful new carpet fitted. We may have had a little accident with a radiator leak which meant months & months after everything was starting to take shape, we had to remove it all and get a brand new carpet fitted *that was a sad, sad day. But definitely not the end of the world, just a key learning for future projects.
  • Above anything else, I think the most valuable lesson has been that I should start having faith in my ideas, my vision and my plans. Up until this point I really had no idea if I could pull a real project off. Every evening when I go up to bed, I can honestly feel the stress slipping away as I sink into my ultra comfortable bed. I feel I have successfully created a room that I can relax in, keep everything tidied away and always lifts my mood with the pops of bright & cheerful colours. I wouldn’t want to change anything about the end result, so I now know I can listen to my own wishes & requirements, let’s just see if I can help other people with theirs…

Thanks so much for reading, have a lovely day 

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