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Mood Board Inspiration: Teal

Hello again! Since my last post I am now working on a very exciting new project which is actually what gave me the idea for this Mood Board Inspiration series. While looking at colour schemes, textures and furniture choices I thought it would be fun to put some of my ideas in a blog post, so every so often I will be putting together a selection of images which may just help someone looking for a bit of inspiration.

Today’s mood board is going to be all about ‘Teal’…

I have really been enjoying deep, rich tones lately, especially mixed with warm textures such as leather, dark woods and brass accessories. I feel like teal is one of those colours which can easily look quite cold when paired with icier tones such as cool greys, soft purples and even pastel blues or greens. But warm it up with autumnal hues of tan, gold, chocolate, rusty red, orange and copper, and suddenly you create a completely different effect.

I love all these images but bottom left is one of my all time favourites as it just looks so inviting and cosy, I would absolutely love to spend a winter’s evening sat snuggled up with a good book and a hot chocolate (why I’m thinking about that in the middle of summer, I’m not sure!). I also really love the tones and textures in the image second from the right top row. The golden notes fading into both paler and deeper tones of teal conjures up such a warmth and almost a ‘down to earth glamour’ if you will. I think that’s what I love so much about this scheme actually, the way it perfectly combines luxury and comfort.

So where do you draw the line if you’re considering teal as a wall colour? For me (*in the right room) it’s definitely worth going for it and painting all 4 walls and fitted furniture in your chosen shade. Some might think it’s a bold move but in order to create the ‘hug effect’ as I like to call it, a feature wall just won’t cut it unfortunately.

If you have a fairly small room, think about how much of the walls you will actually see. How many windows and doors do you have taking out big blocks of colour? And will you be hanging art or mirrors on one or more of the walls? If you are painting fitted bookshelves in the same colour, how full will the shelves be and hence, how much of the colour will be visible? If the answers to any of these questions have got you thinking about it slightly differently, and maybe reassured you that it might be worth being brave… it’s only paint at the end of the day – you can always paint over it if you really don’t like it!

Now take the bottom right image, I love how light and airy it feels but can you picture it with deep teal on the walls? All of the tones and textures here work so well with a variety of different wall colours, but I have included it on my mood board because I can absolutely imagine the contrast of the tan sofa, layered rugs and brass lamp & side table, in a teal room.

It’s important to get the balance right of course. As much as you may love a colour or colour palette, a tutor once told me it is critical to have an element in every scheme where your eye can rest. If you have teal as your main colour, with tan and brass as complimentary tones for instance, these colours should be featured fairly evenly around the room to give a natural route for scanning the space. For me though, it’s also about how much white or light space you have. For example, skirting boards and cornice in white can really sharpen the look, and even visible white on book bindings or in picture mounts, may be just enough to allow your eye the chance to reset a little before getting lost in the gorgeousness once more.

I hope this has been helpful and possibly inspired you to introduce some (*or a lot of) colour into your home. I am excited to get hunting for new images to feature on our next mood board, but until then have a lovely week!

See you next time 

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