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Bedroom Update Planning

Following my time at KLC, I entered a different chapter of my life. I moved back home with my wonderful parents and 14 year old sheltie, Alfie. One thing I was particularly excited about having my first ‘real life’ project – my bedroom, which hadn’t been touched for about 16 years. We all felt it might be time for a bit of a refresh, and it was the perfect opportunity to test whether what I thought could work on paper, would work in reality. I think before I go any further I should show you how the room looked before I set to work…

Absolutely nothing wrong with it really! The fitted furniture was all in really good nick still which made some part of me feel quite guilty for wanting to change things, as I am completely aware of how many people would love to have a room as lovely as this. But I am also very aware of how much of an impact your surroundings can have on your day to day life, and as I started a new job and settled back into living at home, I knew there were more reasons to give my bedroom a makeover than not.

First things first, that fitted furniture was coming out. As I’ve said, it was in a pretty impressive condition so my initial thought was to sell it or at least give it away to someone who could use it. My joiner also agreed with the idea and removed it very carefully so hopefully someone else would benefit, as it seemed such a waste otherwise. Unfortunately, long story short this proved to be much harder than anticipated and had to take it all to the tip in the end, dodging a scam on in the meantime (please be extra careful on sites like these, be aware of warning signs such as asking you to pay a shipping company before the potential buyer transfers any money *alarm bells*).

It is really quite remarkable once fitted furniture comes out, how much space you gain. I had already sorted my quick sketch floorplan at this stage but a number of visiting friends couldn’t believe how much bigger the room felt afterwards. As I prepared a design brief and thought about some of the main changes I was looking to make, one of the key areas was going to be s t o r a g e, as I wanted a more minimalist/clutter free look, but having recently moved out of a whole flat I had quite a lot of ‘stuff’ to hide away. The overall style needed to be light & airy, with a ’boutique hotel room’ feel, relaxing and soothing after a long day at work but also a cheerful use of colour with very soft textures to emphasise the comforting aspect. Important to fit a double bed in, and if possible a full length mirror and armchair.

In terms of colours and textures I had a few factors to work around such as the window frames being a dark wood, so I knew I wanted to tie these in with the overall scheme somehow. I was also being drawn to pinks and oranges as the accent colours, with brass or gold used for items such as wardrobe handles and accessories. Slowly but surely, I found a concept I was happy with and from that point, I knew how I wanted to move forward with sourcing fabrics, furniture and accessories.

Once it became more clear in my head I put together a quick 3D visual to make sure I was happy with where I was heading. You will see from the ‘after’ photos in my next post that I did end up making a few tweaks along the way, but looking back now I am amazed at how similar this looks compared with how the finished room actually turned out!

Due to being on a budget, it was important for me to shop around and luckily in terms of the bigger items of furniture I genuinely preferred the high street options that I found to anything higher end. I knew that by opting for an IKEA Hemnes 8 drawer unit for instance, I would prefer how the drawers ran (I found some more expensive dressers to be quite heavy and clunky) and by simply swapping out the handles, it would instantly give it a more unique look and blend with my scheme perfectly. This meant I could decide if or where I wanted to invest a bit more money, and for me that was going to be in my curtains and carpet as I felt these would both add a more luxurious feel to the room.

I wanted to keep my walls quite simple and began hunting for some suitable artwork. I already had some frames that I thought would work well and before I knew it, it all came together nicely. A quote from the Card Factory, a photo I took on a trip to Crete, a poster from New Look and a greetings card I bought a while ago from WHSmiths. Please excuse the measuring tape in the photo, I was in the process of deciding how long a picture rail to buy!

Redesigning my wardrobes was a huge success. Nicholas Brooks was so professional and took great care in his work, I would certainly recommend him if you are looking for a joiner in the Midlands/Warwickshire area. The hanging space is vastly improved from what I had in my teenage years, but one of the highlights for me has to be finding my brass handles. I just love them!

I also redesigned the lighting, swapping a central fitting for four dimmable directional downlights, which work a lot better for illuminating the entire room and as they are all pointed towards the walls it minimises any glare, creating a more relaxing atmosphere. 

But at the risk of writing a short book, I thought I’d split this post into two parts so next week I will share the finished article, where I ended up shopping for everything, and any learnings from the experience on the whole. So for now, thank you for reading.

Until next time! 

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